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• old school values               • polished & professional           

• custom tailored service     • anywhere anytime 

• 24/7 dedicated to you       • positive, can-do team       

• we worry about the details so you don't have too 

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We don't sell rides on jets

We provide personalized jet charter service

- the best in the industry -


We built a business model like none other in the jet charter industry. We created a certification process for those that are worthy enough to earn the designation of "MyJetRep" so that whether you choose to work with us directly or with any jet operator who has put their team through our JetRep certification process, you will know with certainty that you will receive the very best level of charter service, with the highest degree of integrity, representation and work ethic.


Your JetRep is uniquely assigned to you and will get to know you, your family and your needs and desires. Your JetRep will cater to, and will provide you with, time, attention and detail of service that you deserve.  You won't find any higher level of personalized jet charter service anywhere else in the jet charter industry.




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