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Jet Gurus is comprised of a leadership team of aviation professionals with years of combined aviation experience.  We've flown every type of customer to every corner of the world ... from your everyday family wanting to explore life in new ways to those that need discretion and flexible schedules like Celebs and Fortune 500 Execs. We've flown countless Humanitarian Aid, Hurricane Relief and Emergency Rescue Flights.   We've provided air charters for filming crews and companies like Nat Geo, Garmin and Yeti.  From Music Bands, Sports Teams and more, we have scalable jet charter options for every situation. Bottom line - We can get You anywhere You want to go.  Our found has personally flown passengers and supplies to every continent in the world including numerous flights to the South Pole from Christchurch, NZ carrying scientist and supplies to McMurdo Station, Antarctica for the National Science Foundation. 


While our aviation experience and capabilities are expansive, truth-be-told, what we really enjoy the most is developing first-name basis relationships ~ with a "Yes Ma'am" and "Yes Sir" attitude and a smile ~ with individuals just like You.  That is why we developed our one-fo-a-kind "My JetRep" Program. Times have changed, and so have we.  We are focused on the right here and right now.  We are investing our time in You ... to ensure the You have the very best "personally tailored" experience in private aviation. 


Most Jet Brokers are worried about sharing 

all the industry trade secrets with You ...  

{ We are not afraid to share trade secrets }

It's simple. You're time is valuable, and the knowledge that You and Your family are flying with a safe pilot on a safe jet is priceless. We provide value above and beyond other jet brokers and operators, and we know that once You work with us, You will want to build a long-term relationship with our team.  And we want to earn Your business over and over, each and every time You fly with us.


Jet Management • Jet Acquisition • Jet Maintenance

Jet Dispatch Services • How to offset Jet Ownership Costs

For those that charter frequently or are considering chartering frequently, we will gladly provide You with free counsel and conduct a detailed cost-benefit analysis with You to help You determine if owning a jet is the right decision for You.  We provide turn-key solutions including jet acquisition, jet management, jet maintenance, and jet sales.  More often than not, because we aren't not going to talk anyone in to buying a jet, we actually end up talking curious buyers out of purchasing a jet. However, for those that can take advantage of substantial tax savings, use the jet for work purposes, or for those that simply want to make a lifestyle change, we will help You understand the cost and  the benefits of owning a jet and how to offset jet ownership expenses by chartering the jet for revenue  when not in use by You and Your family.



the JetGurus Legacy

The Legacy we hope to leave behind is reflected in our core values.  Our Mission at the JetGurus is to be the most well-respected, full scope jet aircraft consultants in the United States providing dedicated JetReps and exceptional jet management, dispatch, sales and charter service to You, our valued customer. We endeavor to create community not just within our own workspace but also with our customers and within the aviation industry as whole.  Cultivating an atmosphere of teamwork which mutually respects and supports each other so that we can collectively provide safe, reliable and exceptional jet management and jet chartering is one of our mantras.  Each JetRep is expected to maintain the very highest level of standards in safety, reliability and service always keeping in mind that in each opportunity to connect with an individual whether patron, coworker, vendor or industry partner, we will strive to inspire and positively impact the lives of others.

JetGurus is not a direct air carrier. The JetGurus is part of an affiliate network with access to over 5,000 jets in the United States, Canada, Caribbean, Central and South America and over 10,000 jets worldwide. Whatever your aviation need is, whether helicopter, small jet or heavy jet, staying in the U.S. or heading abroad to the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia or beyond, we'll make it happen.  Your dedicated JetRep will act as Your single-point-of-contact to provide You with seamless, consistent, professional and reliable customer service ... with a positive, can-do attitude and a smile. It's what we do.


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