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We love working with ​first time jet flyers as well as jet setters and have put together our very own booklet, the Jet Gurus - Jet Setting 101, to answer questions we get from our customers. For a fee electronic copy, just shoot us an email request and we'll provide you with an insight on the industry and a few tricks of the trade.



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Chris Allen, our CEO President and Grand PooBah Emeritus was a United States Airforce Pilot. During his career he flew Military and Civilian VVIPs, and Heavy Jets all over the World. We also have on staff, pilots who have flown everything from single and multi-engine engine helicopters to aircraft flying Heads of State and the latest Business Jets.


So please do ask our pilots anything you would like to know.


the Jet Gurus - Jet Setting 101

Industry secrets will you learn ...

  1. What is the difference between a jet that is certified for FAA "Part 91" flights versus a jet that is certified for FAA "Part 135" Air Carrier flights?

  2. A friend of a friend has a jet, how do I know if it is certified for Part 91 or Part 135 operation? 

  3. Are Part 91 Jets required to be maintained by mechanics on a drug monitoring programs?

  4. Are used jet parts bought off of eBay allowed to be installed on Part 91 jets? or Part 135 jets? 

  5. Are Part 91 Pilots required to maintained the same safety standards as Part 135 Pilots with respect to flying in weather, drinking before a flight, drug testing and monitoring, uninterrupted sleep before a flight, length of crew duty day, and qualified to fly the aircraft?

  6. Why is it less expensive to charter a jet that is part of a floating fleet?

  7. How do I save many chartering an empty leg on a jet?

  8. Why is it so much more expensive to charter an 8 seat versus a 10 seat jet?

  9. Is it possible to charter a single seat or share a private jet charter to save on the cost of charter a jet?

  10. Why is it that sometimes a turbine airplane like a King Air 200 or Pilatus PC-12 is much less expensive to charter than a light jet and sometimes they are more expensive?

  11. What is an illegal jet charter and can I get in trouble paying a friend to use his jet?  

  12. What language does a jet charter contract need to say to make it legal for me to charter a Part 91 jet?

  13. What is an easy way for me to know if a jet is being safely maintained and operated?

  14. Is a jet broker required to disclose how much they are paying per hour for the jet?

  15. Is a jet broker required to utilize a Part 135 Air Carrier or can they place me on a part 91 private jet?

  16. Is a jet broker required to be licensed or certified by the FAA?

  17. Is a jet broker required to have insurance to cover me in the event of an accident?

  18. Is it safe for me to fly a jet that is over 20 or 30 years old?

  19. How do I find the best deal on international charters?

  20. What are the pitfalls of jet membership programs?

  21. Should I consider fractional jet ownership? 

  22. Lexicon of Terms

  23. How does it work? i.e. What is the process?

  24. Payment?

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